Truth be told, no one likes rejection. It has the tendency of making someone feel less capable, not wanted, and it can damage one’s morale and ego, ...View Details

Your credit score is a very important financial number in your financial life. The higher your score, the higher your chances for qualifying for loans...View Details

Your insurance premium is definitely one of your monthly bills – you pay insurance on your auto and homeowners’ insurance. Paying those insurance...View Details

If you really want to get at it, if you want to become aggressive, if you are sick and tired of paying Sallie Mae, then today’s episode is for you. ...View Details

Sometimes in life, we make the greatest forward progress by going backward. —Jack Bogle He was born in 1929, during the great depression. His famil...View Details

In episode 16, I shared tips and strategies that you can adopt to plan and pay for college. We all know how expensive college cost is in America. Base...View Details

In the United States, the FICO score is used to measure consumer risk. The credit score is a very important number, at least if you will need to borro...View Details

The job market in the USA is tightening up with the unemployment rate at historic low, but there are still millions of people looking for new opportun...View Details

If you live in America, you will know that the college education cost is astronomically high, and it is ever increasing. Many people go into debt to a...View Details

As you know, this podcast is for everyone who wants to succeed and win in their career and finances. So welcome to Episode 15 of the “The Winners Wa...View Details

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