Everyone loves and crave for relevance. And relevance comes in different forms. It is about giving attention, being connected, and becoming significan...View Details

On today’s episode, I will be introducing the new changes that come with the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. And what you should expect.President ...View Details

Your career is an integral part of your life because you spend the most part of your waking days working to earn a living. Just as it is crucial to do...View Details

It is no news that millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. According to a recent publication on CNBC, about seventy-eight percent of full-tim...View Details

Asset and liabilities are the two terms that you need to know when we talk about money management. And having the knowledge of the differences between...View Details

I hope that you will rise up and step up and start making intentional decisions that will help to take you forward in your life and never have to sett...View Details

#8: Create your own Life

Episode 8: Create your own life. Jeremy Ryan Slate – Create your own Life   I am thrilled to welcome my guest on today’s show. He is a Podcast Ex...View Details

#7: Build your Brand

Brandingis very important. Your brand is your reputation. All over the world, corporate organizations spend billions of dollars annually in promoting ...View Details

Because I truly believe in the positive impacts that books can have in readers lives. It is to this end that I am starting a new tradition whereby eac...View Details

Today’s book happens to be in the personal finance category, and the motivation behind this was from one of the article that I recently published on...View Details

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