Your career is an integral part of your life because you spend the most part of your waking days working to earn a living. Just as it is crucial to do what you love in order to enjoy your career, having the necessary skills to perform the work is also critical to achieving success in your career line. The other component that can help enjoy long-lasting success in your job is to have the soft skills needed to work along with others and enhance your productivity. Soft skills are your personal attributes or characters that enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people in your organization. They include such qualities as good communication, team spirit, curiosity, and ability to exert influence in the organization.


Having the right experience and qualifications will help you land the job, possessing the core soft skills will take you further ahead of your peers and help you have a fulfilling career life. Your experience and qualification tell the employer what you can do, they are your hard skills and it expresses your intelligence quotient based on the assigned tasks. Your soft skills, on the other hand, is all about attitude and personality, it expresses your emotional intelligence. During job hunt, your I.Q will help get you into the company, but your E.Q will help sustain and help you grow in the company.


Here are my top 5 essential qualities needed for a successful career:

1. A Curious Mind

2. Good Communication Skills

3. Influencing Skills

4. Courage & Confidence

5. Result-oriented.

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