Hi Everyone, Welcome to another episode of the Winners Ways podcast. I am your host, Bola Alabi. This is episode 30 of the Winners Ways podcast, and on today’s show, we will be talking Financial Wellness Checkup.

Financial wellness is a measure of your overall financial health. It measures what you own compared with what you owe. If you are negative on the financial wellness scale, then it means that what you owe is more than what you own. Simply put, you are in debt.

If you want to win financially, then you need to get out of debt. You will find this episode beneficial because I’m doing to show you how to get your financial house in order.


So the purpose of today’s episode is to go over 5 tips that will help you achieve financial wellness.


Here's a look at some ways to achieve financial wellness:


1. Become a money manager.

2. Avoid debt like a plaque.


A. Save a $1,000 for emergency.

B. Pay off your debts.

C. Build a 3-month reserve fund.

D. Invest 15% of income.


3. Right size your income.

4. Contentment is important.

5. Make your money your slave

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