Truth be told, no one likes rejection. It has the tendency of making someone feel less capable, not wanted, and it can damage one’s morale and ego, if not properly handled. Many people are so afraid of being rejected that they resolve to only do things they are completely sure of being successful at and they ended up clinging to the status quo provided by their comfort zone. People that are afraid of rejection will find it difficult to make the necessary sales call, submit proposals for a bid, apply for certain jobs, write an exam that could potentially help them prepare for their next career move, or even reach out to someone they love to express how they feel. The sting of rejection can be brutal, painful, and highly debilitating. When we are rejected, we can feel isolated and unwanted.

Rejection no matter how painful it can be, is almost an unavoidable aspect of life, especially for those people that aim for growth. Everyone that ever try new things will experience their own share of rejection at a point in their life. I cannot forget in a hurry my own story around rejection. I had just immigrated to the United States after leaving my prestigious job in my home country. Immediately, on getting to my new place of residence, I started applying for jobs in order to continue my career. I had submitted hundreds of applications, and I got called to attend only a couple of interviews. The first set of interviews did not go as planned. I was rejected.

Initially, it was not a big deal to me, but as the number of rejection letters kept piling up, I began to lose faith in my ability to secure a new job. I started doubting myself and the possibility of getting into my desired career field in the country. Several thoughts were coming into my mind on what I need to do so that I can take care of my personal needs and that of my young family. I was going to settle for a job that I truly do not want, but due to encouragement that I received from my wife, I did not give up. I doubled down on my job application and focused intensely on what I truly wanted, and I made a decision not to settle for anything less. Not too long afterwards, my decision and determination paid off, I got not just one offer, but about three different job offers after a few weeks of waiting. I learned so many important lessons from the strings of rejections that I experienced while job hunting.

Many people are at a crossroad of decision making today, they have experienced several rejections in the past. They have been disappointed and heartbroken as a result of being turned down several times. The way you choose to respond to rejection could determine the entire course of your future. You can choose to give up and settle for the status quo, or you can be like me and fight back and not let the rejection stopped you on your path to what you truly want. No one can truly experience real success without first facing some rejections. Martin Luther King Jnr’s dream of an American devoid of racism was initially rejected. Nelson Mandela’s idea to end apartheid in South Africa was vehemently rejected and it led him to jail. But these men did not bow out without some fight, they held on to their beliefs and desires.

Have you given up on what you want because you’ve been rejected several times? Have you lost hope about your dream turning into reality? If so, here are some tips that will help you to deal with rejections.


1. Don't run

2. Ask why

3. Overprepare

4. Go again

5. Change perspectives.

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