As you know, this podcast is for everyone who wants to succeed and win in their career and finances. So welcome to Episode 15 of the “The Winners Ways Podcast, and today’s title is “How to find your purpose at work”. 

By the way, if you have not already listened to my episode on “Living on purpose”, please go back and listen to episode 1 where I explained how to live on purpose. 

I recently published an article on LinkedIn, that I titled “Paycheck does not preclude purpose,” it is on how some people mistakenly take employees earning salaries as not having a purpose. Some erroneously assume that having a purpose is all about doing big stuff, like feeding the poor, donating money to charity causes, establishing a foundation to fight diseases. Don’t get me wrong, these are great things to do, but we all will not do that.

So do you know your purpose? Are you living and fulfilling your mission on this earth? I want to help you to discover a purpose at what you do. Yes, it is possible that you are passionate about some other things in your life that is different from your profession, but this particular episode is about finding your purpose at work.

I have other aspects of my life that I enjoy as well. I am a soccer coach, life coach. I write blogs. I’m an author. And I make this great podcast to educate people about how to optimize their career and finances.

Without wasting your time further, here are the five questions that you need to ask yourself in order to discover your purpose:


  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do (what you love to do)? What do you feel qualified to teach others?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What do they want or need?
  5. How does it change people’s lives? How did it transform people’s lives?
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